Sunday, January 11, 2009

F5 Part 2

The next stage was cutting the top and bottom. These were made from 10mm Perspex, which I managed to get hold of a while back and keep aside. It really makes a mess when cutting and sanding, so do it outside if you intend to work with this stuff. The rear panel was also plastic, it's all I had, and aluminium was completely out of the question as it's just too expensive here. So here are some pics of the top/bottom and rear panels

Check those sexy screws out on the top panel. They are actually gib fixing screws. I needed something that would self tap into the brackets. I will sand them back later on.All the others are M3.

I thought I'd just slip this pic in, as I took it at the same time. These are the feet I'll be using. I bought these from

These are quite nice and long, which I thought would be needed as this is such a big case that smaller ones would have looked too small.

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