Saturday, February 7, 2009

F5 Part 4

So I actually had quite a good weekend, in between taking my boy out for walks. I managed to start on the next part, the blocks that will hold the caps in.
Remember on the previous page I talked about not having much of a plan, well things tend to go a little astray and this part was a good example. I started off wanting to use two layers of plastic, one to hold the caps in place at the bottom and another to them in place at the top. I was going to make up some small spacers to attach to the upper and lower plates to keep them together. But halfway through marking them out I spotted a piece of wood sitting on the window ledge in the garage and thought,
"What if I just had one block, and drill the holes deep enough to hold the caps in place?"
Once they are all wired together, i'm sure they would hold.

This is as far as I got with the first attempt. You can see it's a mess on the bench and it doesn't get any better.

This is my expensive milling equipment. A $69 drill press sitting on the floor. This is as high tech as it gets for me.

Made a start on the blocks. Actually, this is an off-cut from the front panel. It's a tight fit, but hopefully all the holes will be o.k. There is a slight gap in the middle, this is where the resistors will sit.

It's a tight fit, but I think they should be fine. I haven't made up my mind if I should skin the caps or not. I will wait and see when everything is drill sanded and coated, to see how they all fit.

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