Saturday, February 14, 2009

F5 Part 6

I finally got around to tackling the base, which houses the caps and the fans. I sort of started of with the intention of only putting in a block for he earths. But as it turned out i started marking other bits out on the board as well.

On previous builds, (as I've said earlier) I've tended to just go for it. But this time I decided that since I had the base plate off, I may as well mark everything out. So that's what I did. Masking tape everywhere as tried to make sure nothing was missed. Even drilled the holes for the feet(which I may change later). The hadest part was drilling the holes for the fans, which took the longest time as they were 90mm diameter. And the the old Ryobi just hasn't got the guts to drill too fast through this stuff. I also find that the plastic gets so hot it sticks to the teeth, making it difficult to cut. So you have to keep pulling the drill bit out and the go again.

And another thing. Most of the pics I take seem to be at night time so they are always out of focus, sorry about that. After all the holes were cut I placed things back on the board just to check everything did actually fit. And i still had room left over.

The aluminium plate at the top of the picture was made to hold the bridge rectifiers. It's 75mm x 300mm x 8mm. So I hope it will do. I lifted it off the with the use of some 40mm M3 screws, so that it gets some air underneath it.
Everything seem to fit o.k, but the fans were about 3mm different, but I'm hoping no one will notice.

And a picture of the underside of the case with the bottom back in. You will also note I have installed a cable gland. I felt this to be much easier to install than one of those IEC/ICE/IEU..........bla,bla,bla things. As this only meant getting out the spade bit and drilling one hole. And once the thing is up and running it's not going to be moved around anywhere, or need to be unplugged copious amounts of time so why spend the extra money and time on something that's just there to look good.

And here is the inside before i placed the caps back in.

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